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Metal powder screening machines

Metal powder screening machines

Vilitek VISM inert-gas metal powder screening machines are designed to classify powders for selective laser melting, powder metallurgy and other technologies that require the use of metal powders with a given particle size and high standards for material chemical purity. Also, these machines can be used to work with other powders sensitive to atmospheric oxygen, moisture, pyrophoric powders. Due to the combination of screens’ three-dimensional motion and ultrasonic assistance in screening, Vilitek VISM machines with gas static thrust bearings to provide efficient classification of powders with particle sizes of 40-300 μm. The ultrasonic system power may be adjusted, and it also has a function of the base frequency modulation, and various interval modes of operation for optimal screening of specific powders. All metal parts that are in contact with the product are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Standard equipment:

  1. Supporting frame with a receiving platform for Vilitek BATT transport tanks of cylindrical and low-profiled types. Optimized for loading the tanks with both a stacker and an overhead crane. It is specially designed to work with active pneumo-vibration drives to assist in output and loading, which are installed on the BATT tanks.
  2. Screw or vibrating feeder with the ability to control the speed of the powder output. The feeder is equipped with inspection ports to control the powder output.
  3. The system of vibration-free pipelines, adapters for material output from the feed hopper to the screening system, supply of classified material to the receiving tanks.
  4. Inert-gas screening system is specially designed for screening the metal powders with a bulk density of up to 10 tons/m3.
  5. Ultrasonic screening assist system.
  6. Valve system to enable the system to work in an inert gas environment and control powder flows.

Specifications of screening machines


Rated diameter of screens, mm

Screening surface, m3

Typical capacity*, kg/h

Vilitek VISM-400UGSP




Vilitek VISM-600UGSP




Vilitek VISM-800UGSP




Vilitek VISM-1000UGSP




Vilitek VISM-1200UGSP




Vilitek VISM-1500UGSP




* UGSP configuration definition:

  • U — with an ultrasonic system;
  • G — sealed body;
  • S — complete system configuration;
  • P — with a vibrating feeder.

The capacity value is based on tests performed for powder with a bulk density of 7 kg/L obtained by gas atomization, with cut point of 60 μm, with ultrasonic screening assistance.