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Vilitek PMP programmable digesters

Current standards for protein content analysis by the Kjeldahl method often require heating of samples during mineralization at the stage of organic substances destruction according to a certain program. PMP programmable digesters provide the possibility of stepless temperature raising, keeping at set temperatures within set time etc. The instrument menu provides up to 9 programs, each of them allows to set up of about 40 steps. Each step setting includes the initial and final temperature and time. It is also possible to operate the device in heating mode up to set temperature and then maintaining it without using the programming function.

Vilitek PMP-10 programmable digester

Vilitek PMP-10 programmable digester without an exhaust

Vilitek PMP-15 digester

Vilitek PMP-20 digester

Vilitek PMP-10 programmable digester

Vilitek PMP-10 programmable digester without an exhaust

Vilitek PMP-15 and PMP-20 programmable digesters.
Kjeldahl flasks, exhaust, rack and chemically resistant tube are not shown in photo, but are included in the standard package.

Features and advantages of Vilitek PMP programmable digesters:

  • cast aluminium heating unit for uniform sample heating;
  • colour touch screen display;
  • stepless automatic control of heaters power;
  • wide opportunities to set the operating modes;
  • simple and user-friendly menu;
  • no special training is required for setup and programming.

Scope of supply:

  • Programmable digester.
  • Kjeldahl flasks according to the number of digester sockets.
  • Rack for Kjeldahl flasks.
  • Exhaust.
  • Chemically resistant exhaust pipe.

Examples of control system screens for Vilitek PMP digesters:

Examples of control system screens for Vilitek PMP digesters

The Kjeldahl flask rack, included in the scope of supply, is used to place the flasks on the instrument, on the laboratory table and to carry the flasks. The internal diameter of sockets in the thermoplate is 43.5 mm, the devices are suitable for working with Kjeldahl flasks with a diameter of 40 to 42 mm. Digesters are powered by a standard single-phase AC 220 V, 50 Hz mains. The maximum heating speed is up to 15°C per minute. Digesters are equipped with a PID heater power control system, so at each time the heating power is automatically adjusted in the range from 0% to 100% to ensure the highest accuracy of maintaining the temperature which was set in the program. This control method is a significant advantage of Vilitek PMP programmable digesters in contrast to devices which heaters can be simply turned off or turned on. The hose is connected to exhaust by a quick-release chemical resistant fitting.




Number of Kjeldahl flask sockets, pcs

Heating power, W

Max. temperature, °C

Accuracy of temperature control, °C

Dimensions, mm

Weight, kg





+/- 1







+/- 1







+/- 1



During sample mineralization, caustic gases are released, there is an exhaust manifold (hood) to collect them, which is included in a scope of delivery. The exhaust shall be connected to a water jet pump (not included in a scope of supply) or a gas neutralization system (scrubber), e.g. the Vilitek SKB-4 system.


  • Gas disposal and aftertreatment system based at Vilitek SKB-4 membrane chemically-resistant vacuum pump
  • Additional Kjeldahl flask
  • Additional flask rack for PMP-10
  • Additional flask rack for PMP-15
  • Additional flask rack for PMP-20