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Gloveboxes fitted with a gas purification system VBOX-PRO

VILITEK VBOX-PRO is a modern and effective version of the equipment for carrying out work that requires highly purified working area. To make the gas pure, the working area is physically separated from the atmosphere and the working gas is passed through a gas purification system. The purification system thoroughly filters gas from mechanical impurities and removes traces of oxygen and water vapour from it.

Gloveboxes fitted with a gas purification system VBOX-PRO

Gloveboxes fitted with a gas purification system VBOX-PRO

Manufactured and designed in RussiaManipulations are carried out using gloves attached to the glove ports. When working with substances and components that are sensitive to moisture and oxygen, excess pressure in the working chamber prevents air from entering from the outside even during emergency, such as when the glove suffers inadvertent mechanical damage. Working materials and devices are fed through leak-proof lockable gates. This helps to minimize contamination of the working environment. VILITEK gloveboxes are designed using modern 3D computer modelling tools and strength calculations using finite element method.

High-vacuum technology standards are used when designing and manufacturing VILITEK glove boxes. Only high-quality materials and accessories from the best manufacturers are used in the manufacture. Modern technologies allow for full automation of the system. To control parameters and components of the system, our boxes are fitted with automatic control systems featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Vilitek pays special and careful attention to materials used in production. Unlike most other manufacturers that use aluminium doors or bronze valves to simplify the design, all the metal parts that come in contact with the working area in VBOX-PRO boxes are made of stainless steel.

The main glass of VBOX-PRO boxes can be executed in two versions: high-quality organic glass or laminated glass. A high-tech vacuum and gas valve controls gas flows into the system to ensure high integrity and purity of the system. All the valves are made of stainless steel.

The gas purification system ensures that only working gas of the desired purity is produced. This is achieved by passing the gas through absorbents. In the process, the gas is purified from oxygen and moisture concentrations to below 1 ppm. The process is completely automated. The operator is only required to specify the exact value of impurity concentration within the range of the gas analysers.

Gas purification is regulated using high-precision sensors.

Depending on the particular application, VBOX-PRO gloveboxes can be fitted with gloves made of various materials, including multi-layer gloves, gloves resistant to strong acids and alkalis, gloves resistant to ozone and UV radiation, as well as radiation protective gloves. You can see more examples of our gloveboxes in the gloveboxes gallery

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