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Inert gas packaging unit for metal powders

Vilitek UUPM-400

Vilitek UUPM-400 inert gas packaging unit for metal powders is designed for inert-gas packaging and other operations with metal powders. The Unit is equipped with a platform for receiving and unloading of Vilitek BATT-30V and BATT-30G transport tanks, unloading and packaging is carried out by an integrated screw conveyor.

Technical features and advantages of Vilitek UUPM-400:

  • Designed and manufactured specifically for working with metal powders for additive manufacturing, sintering, etc.
  • The transparent frontal screen opens for convenient access of operator and maintenance personnel inside the box.
  • Control system of oxygen concentration in the chamber. An optional water vapor control system is installed.
  • Control of screw conveyor by foot pedal.
  • Platform for transport tanks with vibration bypass. The platform is equipped with guides to simplify tank installation.
  • High-quality gloves manufactured by Piercan (France).
  • Fine adjustment of powder feed rate by frequency converter.
  • Full set of technical documentation in accordance with military acceptance standards.

Standard supply package of Vilitek UUPM-400:

  • Working chamber (vacuum glovebox).
  • Electrochemical oxygen analyzer.
  • Screw conveyor with variable frequency drive and the ability to control both by interface on the control cabinet, and by foot pedal.
  • Two-cylinder gas discharge ramp.
  • Industrial dustproof scales Ohaus (scale capacity 30 kg), scales with other characteristics can be installed on request.
  • Gloves from butyl rubber manufactured by Piercan (France).
  • Inert gas flow meter.
  • LED lighting system for the working chamber.
  • Sealing gland.

Main specifications of the product



Overall dimensions, WxDxH, mm


Working chamber internal dimensions, WxDxH, mm


Material of working chamber housing

AISI 304

Net weight, kg


Maximum output, L/h


Material particle size, mm


Glove port diameter, mm


Recommended operating pressure in working chamber, bar

-0.01 ... +0.01

Power supply

220 V, 50 Hz

Maximum input power, W


The Unit was developed and manufactured of high-quality imported and domestic components by Vilitek in Russia. If necessary, it may be quickly updated for new tasks of the Customer.