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Vilitek (Moscow) designs and manufactures vacuum gloveboxes, radiation-protection gloveboxes, vacuum gloveboxes for inert-gas shielded welding, pharmaceuticals and chemical isolators, as well as customized glovebox installations for research and production. Our company produces gloveboxes of the three standard series VBOX-PG, VBOX-SS and VBOX-PRO, and also develops any gloveboxes and isolators upon Customer's Statement of Work. Our company is an official dealer of several manufacturers of some specialized gloveboxes, for example, high-class biological protection boxes. Thus, Vilitek provides comprehensive set of solutions in the field of gloveboxes and pharmaceutical isolators for any task and budget. Vacuum gloveboxes manufactured by Vilitek are also called atmospheric chambers. Examples of gloveboxes produced by our company can also be found in the Gloveboxes Gallery.

Glovebox is a device designed for one of two tasks: to protect the working material from undesirable effects of atmospheric air components (for example water vapor or oxygen), as well as to protect the operator from hazardous substances which need to be worked with (technological operations or any other actions) within the scope of experimental work or the technological cycle.

For most typical applications, Vilitek produces two series of standard gloveboxes: VBOX-PG made of plexiglass and VBOX-SS made of stainless steel. The standard gloveboxes have competitive prices thanks to their unified design and wide range of options that make them optimally adaptable to a wide range of tasks. All our gloveboxes can be fitted with a variety of high-quality gloves from Piercan company with high mechanical properties and strong resistance to chemicals. Vilitek produces vacuum radiation protection glove boxes for enterprises dealing with nuclear materials. These gloveboxes are produced based on customer requirements. They have thick walls, come with special glasses, and have a safety valve connected to a special ventilation system. They also have a valve for easy removal of decontamination fluid and can be equipped with a special mechanism for replacement of gloves without opening the box.

If glovebox is used to protect the substance from atmospheric air, then it is usually filled with nitrogen or other high-purity gas with a slight positive pressure. It is important to understand the specific requirements for the protection atmosphere that the glovebox must provide. If the requirements are high enough and water vapor or oxygen content is allowed at a level of 1 ppm, then gloveboxes with an integrated gas purification system should be used.

For the most standard applications, Vilitek manufactures two series of gloveboxes: VBOX-PG (made of plexiglass) and VBOX-SS (made of stainless steel). Standard gloveboxes are distinguished by a favorable price, due to the standard design and a wide range of options to be adapted to a wide range of tasks in the optimal way.

All Vilitek gloveboxes may be equipped with various high-quality gloves with high mechanical properties and resistance to chemicals.

VILITEK gloveboxes of the VBOX-PRO and VBOX-SS series are widely used in the microelectronic industry, these boxes may be equipped with heated antechambers.

For enterprises working with nuclear materials, Vilitek produces vacuum radiation-protection gloveboxes. These boxes are customized and are distinguished by increased wall thickness, use of special glass, availability of an emergency valve connected to a special ventilation system, and availability of a valve for easy removal of decontamination solution; they may be equipped with a special mechanism for gloves replacing without depressurizing the box.

If the glovebox is used for physical or chemical applications and the requirements for the quality of the protection atmosphere are not specifically discussed, it is important to choose the optimal equipment both in terms of technological level and cost. Especially if the required volume of the glovebox is relatively small and is about of 100-400 liters, in this case it makes sense to consider standard plexiglass gloveboxes.

Vacuum gloveboxes are used to work with hazardous substances and objects, so even if the box is damaged, operator is protected due to the flow of atmospheric air inside the box, it prevents the hazardous substance from entering the laboratory or production room. These boxes with reduced pressure are used, for example, to work with radioactive substances.

Vilitek also designs and manufactures specialized gloveboxes for various applications. If it is important for you to get a glovebox that will be made specifically for your tasks, then we can develop it taking into account all the features of your application.

Gloveboxes are frequently used as an alternative to clean rooms. And such a replacement is all too justified, as it allows to achieve significant financial savings and at the same time achieve a higher class of cleanliness in the work area. The advantages of using gloveboxes (in the pharmaceutical industry they are called glove isolators or pharmaceutical isolators) compared to clean rooms are: significant reduction in the cost for room designing, significant reduction in capital costs, significant reduction in the cost of filters and other consumables, cleaning the glove box is much simple (Vilitek also offers built-in decontamination systems based on the treatment with hydrogen peroxide vapor), it is not required to purchase special clothes and personnel do not need to change clothes, gloveboxes (isolators) physically isolate the operator from the product and thereby allow working with hazardous and toxic substances and also minimize the human factor (when working in a clean room, the probability of unintentional contamination of an object by the operator is significantly higher than when working with the glovebox).

Having the opportunity to choose from a wide range of standard and custom products, and based on special professional training and considerable experience, our specialists will always be able to offer you a glovebox or other equipment to protect your product or operator, which will best meet the requirements of your particular task.

If you already operate gloveboxes, then do not forget to regularly replace gloves. For all gloveboxes and isolators, regular gloves’ replacement is required at least once a year. Our company, as an official dealer of Piercan, supplies gloves made by this French manufacturer, the world leader in the production of gloves for gloveboxes. You can find the list of gloves for gloveboxes and isolators in the Piercan PDF catalog.