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Glovebox is a device intended for one of the following two purposes: for protection of working material against unwanted exposure to atmospheric air (e.g., water vapour or oxygen) and for protection of the operator from exposure to hazardous substances used during manufacturing processes, experimental works or technological cycle.

If the glovebox is used to protect material from exposure to atmospheric air, then such a glovebox is typically filled with nitrogen, argon or other high-purity gas with slight overpressure. It is important to understand the specific requirements for a protective atmosphere that should be provided by a glovebox VBOX-SS or VBOX-PG series. If the requirements are quite high and water vapour or oxygen content may reach 1 ppm, then glove boxes VBOX-PRO with in-built gas purification system should be the best choice.

For most typical applications, Vilitek produces two series of standard gloveboxes: VBOX-PG made of plexiglass and VBOX-SS made of stainless steel. The standard gloveboxes have competitive prices thanks to their unified design and wide range of options that make them optimally adaptable to a wide range of tasks. All our gloveboxes can be fitted with a variety of high-quality gloves from Piercan company with high mechanical properties and strong resistance to chemicals. Vilitek produces vacuum radiation protection glove boxes for enterprises dealing with nuclear materials. These gloveboxes are produced based on customer requirements. They have thick walls, come with special glasses, and have a safety valve connected to a special ventilation system. They also have a valve for easy removal of decontamination fluid and can be equipped with a special mechanism for replacement of gloves without opening the box.

If the glovebox is used for physical or chemical applications and the quality requirements for the protective atmosphere is not specifically negotiated, then it is important to choose an equipment that is optimal both in terms of technological level and cost. This is especially advisable if the required volume of the glove box is relatively not larger than 100-400 liters. In this case, it makes sense to consider the standard models of plexiglass glove boxes VBOX-PG.

Low-pressure glove boxes are used when handling hazardous substances and objects. So even if the box is damaged, the operator will still be protected because atmospheric air rushes into the box and doesn’t allow dangerous substance to enter into the laboratory or production room. Such low-pressure boxes are used, for example, when handling radioactive substances.

Glove boxes are often used as an alternative to cleanrooms. Such a replacement is more than justified as it allows for significant cost savings and at the same time higher purity grade in the working area. The advantages of using gloveboxes (the pharmaceutical industry call them glove isolators or pharmaceutical isolators) over cleanrooms are: significant reduction in the cost of designing the room; significant reduction in capital costs; significant reduction in cost of filters and other expendables; cleaning of the glove box is much easier (Vilitek also offers built-in decontamination systems that process hydrogen peroxide vapours); buying of special clothing is not required and the personnel doesn’t need to change clothes; the glove boxes (insulators) physically isolate the operator from the product and thus allow him/her to work with hazardous and toxic substances and also minimize the human factor (when working in a cleanroom, the likelihood of inadvertent contamination of the object by the operator is significantly higher than with glovebox).