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Powder pouring machines

RVS Vilitek powder pouring machine

If the equipment of various manufacturers is used in the production process or machine tanks do not have transport and turnover units, RVS Vilitek powder pouring machine is used as a connecting element of metal powders production chains for additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy. This machine is often used with Vilitek BATT transport tanks.

As a rule, tanks and containers of various manufacturers used on diverse technological equipment, i.e. gas atomizers, selective laser melting machines, powder classifiers, and etc., differ and do not fit each other. Due to high density and, consequently, powder weight, as well as the need to carry out operations in a shielding gas environment, powder pouring from one tank to another is usually a very complicated procedure. This issue can be solved by the Vilitek RVS powder pouring machine. Third-party tanks are easily modified for use with the machine by installing special adapters that are fixed mechanically or by welding. The installation of tanks equipped with such adapters on the machine is carried out using standard stackers.

Standard supply package:

  • Vilitek RVS powder pouring machine.
  • Set of adapters for tanks and containers used by the Customer.
  • Set of adapters for installation in a machine for tanks used by the Customer.


  • Vilitek BATT transport tanks.
  • Electric stacker for installing tanks on powder pouring machine.



Maximum weight of tank with a product, kg

Drive type

Vilitek RVS-250



Vilitek RVS-500



Vilitek RVS-1000