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Vilitek VIG-180G scrap removing machine

VIG-180G machine is a part of metal powders production chain for additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy. In the process of obtaining metal powders by gas atomization and using air classifiers, the obtained powder usually contains some large inclusions formed at the beginning of spraying cycle, such inclusions are called scrap. Metal powders containing scrap cannot be transferred to the following process steps, in particular to air classifiers to remove fine fractions. It is also undesirable to load powders containing scrap into screening machines intended for screening into commercial fractions, since scrap particles can damage the precision sieves of such machines and also block outflows.

VIG-180G machine
Vilitek VIG-180G metal powder scrap removing machine
Vilitek VIG-180G machine

VIG-180G machine is intended to effectively remove scrap from metal powders. This machine is specially designed to work with powders for additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy and is suitable for both small pilot plants and industrial enterprises.

Technical features and advantages of VIG-180G

  • Possibility of processing the powder in an inert gas environment.
  • Easy cleaning for easy transition from one alloy to another.
  • The mesh is mechanically fixed to the sieve, which allows operators to install the mesh without special tools, glue, etc.
  • Two operating modes: 1) with removal of screened scrap (optimally for large batches) and 2) with unloading of scrap after screening a batch of powder (regardless of the powder feed rate and operator qualification, the maximum output is achieved).
  • The ability to adjust the sieve inclination angle and vibration frequency of vibration motor for optimal processing of each specific alloy.
  • Built-in oxygen and moisture gas analyzer (options).
  • Full compatibility with BATT standard tanks for metal powders, vibro isolated platform for tanks with vibration assisting unloading, possibility of unloading into various receiving tanks due to the possibility of adjusting the machine height in a wide range.

Main specifications


400 kg/h (for nickel alloy obtained by gas atomization, bulk density 7 kg/L, sieve cell 200 ┬Ám)

Overall length

1,180 mm

Overall width

1,000 mm

Overall height

1,680 mm


250 kg

Power supply

220 V, 50 Hz


0.3 kW