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Vilitek VISP-50DG mixer for fine metal powders

Vilitek VISP-50DG mixer for fine metal powders In the production of metal powders for selective laser melting, the problem often becomes when mixing two powders with different fractions into one marketable product. The task becomes complicated by three factors: standard mixing systems, as a rule, cannot work with powders with such a high bulk density, most powders for additive manufacturing require mixing in an inert gas environment, metal powders with a fraction size of less than 40 µm tend to form layers when mixed. The Vilitek VISP-50DG mixer allows to efficiently handle problems when mixing metal powders. The mixer is designed for mixing fine metal powders and unloading them into BATT transport tanks for metal powders. The mixer is equipped with a frame and receiving platform for unloading material from BATT-30V and BATT-30G tanks directly into the mixing tank.

Features and advantages of Vilitek VISP-50DG:

  • Three-dimensional movement of the mixed powder along a complex trajectory for the best mixing quality of fine powders.
  • Mixing is carried out in an inert gas environment.
  • Mixer is equipped with a receiving platform and a frame for material unloading into mixer from standard transport tanks.
  • The mixing tank location allows unloading into standard transport tanks.
  • Personnel safety and error protection: mixing in an inert media, integrated safety valves for inert gas, rotating parts are guarded by transparent protective shields.
  • Full set of technical documentation according to the Russian Federation applicable standards.


  • Mixing principle: mixing due to multidirectional rotation of the tank and mixing elements.
  • Maximum weight of mixed powder: 120 kg.
  • Maximum volume of loaded powder: 40 liters.
  • Tank rotation speed: 25 rpm.
  • Mixing blades rotation: 50 rpm.
  • Electric motor power: 1.5 kW.
  • Material of parts that are in contact with powder to be processed: AISI 304, silicone rubber (seals).
  • Mixer overall dimensions (WxDxH):
  • 1,950 mm х 1,180 mm х 1,935 mm.
  • Weight: 550 kg.

The VISP-50DG mixing principle is optimal to work with fine metal powders and, in particular, has important advantages relative to mixers working on the principle of “tumbling barrel” in which the tank moves in accordance with the Schatz oloid:

  • Standard mixing period is 2 times shorter.
  • Minimized possibility of forming ultrafine powder layer in the upper part of powder and not mixing with the rest of powder. Powders with an ultrafine fraction are better mixed.
  • Loading up to 80% of tank — more compact dimensions with similar performances.
  • Absence of moving unbalanced mixtures improves the safety and reliability of the machine.

Vilitek VISP-50DG mixer is manufactured of high-quality imported and domestic components. If necessary, the mixer can be modified for new tasks of the Customer at any time, besides Vilitek company manufactures mixers with larger tanks.