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Continuous classifying mill Vilitek MBL-NK-80

Continuous classifying mill Vilitek MBL-NK-80      Vilitek MBL-NK-80

Features of the model:

  • Feedstock size: max. 20 mm.
  • Final product size: less than 100...200 microns.
  • Productivity: 25 kg/h.
Manufactured and designed in Russia

The equipment continuously grinds and classifies a product. Vilitek MBL-NK-80 mill is specially designed for grinding valuable materials, which, when grinding, the re-milled fractions are not a commodity product. In particular, this mill model is effectively used for production of tantalum powders, for example, grinding of tantalum hydride. The design of this classifier mill minimizes the content of a fraction of less than 50 microns in the final product thanks to continuous selection of finished product from the drum, its sifting and returning of the coarse fraction to grinding – the fraction that has been classified is sent to the finished product flange. This mill is especially important for production of powders that are required to have limited content of fine fractions. For example, the mill is suitable when you want to get a powder with a grain size composition of 40-125 microns. Depending on the installed grid, the upper limit of the resulting fraction size can fall within 100 to 200 microns or above. All elements that come in contact with the product are made of stainless steel or wear-resistant polymer materials.

The design of the classifier mill ensures minimum labor input to operate the equipment thanks to continuous operation and the fact that there is no need to transfer material from the grinding equipment to the classifier. The complex is fitted with a system that continuously supplies material to the grinding chamber. The design of the complex allows for particles taken from the grinding chamber, which are bigger than the preset size to be continuously and automatically (without the operator's involvement) returned to the grinding chamber. The selection system selects particles and efficiently classifies particles regardless of their shape –cubical-shaped, ball-shaped, plate-shaped, and needle-shaped particles.