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Gloves for gloveboxes

Piercan (France) is a world leading company in development and production of gloves for gloveboxes, pharmaceutical isolators, and class III microbiological safety cabinets. The headquarters and production facilities of the company are located in Paris. The favourable cost of Piercan products is achieved by large volumes of output, optimization of production processes and the use of robotic tools. The authorized distributor of Piercan in Russia is Vilitek. Vilitek LLC offers the whole range of Piercan gloves and maintain in stock the most popular glove models for vacuum sealed gloveboxes, pharmaceutical isolators and radiation protection boxes. To select gloves, we recommend to contact Vilitek specialists who can always advise on the differences between the various materials of gloves for gloveboxes and help in the proper selection of a specific glove model.

Definitions of ordering codes can be found on the “Gloves for gloveboxes” page. If the first character in glove code is “E” — this is a short isolator glove used with sleeve. We recommend to order Piercan gloves from stock in Moscow. Please contact Vilitek engineers for consultations on material properties and model selection, if necessary. If you need a large batch of gloves or the models you are interested in are not in stock, we may supply them to order.

Authorization letter for Vilitek LLC being a distributor of Piercan (France)

Authorization letter for
Vilitek LLC being a distributor of Piercan (France)

Piercan gloves are used in scientific research, in chemical and pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing of semiconductor devices and precision instrumentation. For many years, Piercan products are widely used to protect operators when working with radioactive materials in radiation protecting boxes. Piercan radiation protecting gloveboxes are used by leading companies in nuclear research and nuclear fuel production worldwide: CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission), AREVA (France), Euratom Karlsruhe (Germany), BNFL (Great Britain), Nuclear Fuel Complex (India), Soreq nuclear centre (Israel), etc. In Russia, Piercan radiation protecting gloves are widely used by ROSATOM Corporation.

Piercan gloves for gloveboxes and pharmaceutical isolators are carefully checked to ensure high quality and reliability that is truly important for gloves application.

Strict quality control includes the following steps:

  1. Incoming control of raw materials;
  2. Checking jigs and fixtures and equipment for compliance with specifications;
  3. Checking the physical and chemical properties in the production process;
  4. Process flow monitoring.

The importance of final products’ quality control is extremely high, since not only the quality and safety of products obtained in vacuum boxes or the correctness of experiment depends on it, but also operator safety. Piercan quality control includes the following steps:

  1. Visual inspection of all gloves under positive pressure;
  2. Checking material thickness and dimensions;
  3. Testing the standard and special properties of materials;
  4. Leak check of all products.

Piercan continuously invests in R&D to ensure that its products meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Usability, chemical and radiation resistance, durability are the features that Piercan constantly improves due to the constant investigation and implementation of innovative materials and technologies. The modern laboratory complex, which includes automated testing stands and facility for experimental study of materials’ resistance to various physical and chemical factors bring the company's research work in the field of quality improvement to a new level.