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AKV-6 semi-automatic crude fiber analyzer

AKV-6 semi-automatic apparatus is designed to measure crude fiber content in food, tea, animal feed, etc. AKV-6 apparatus can significantly reduce the time required for the analysis of each sample, reduce the complexity and minimize the human factor (probability of errors) during the analysis.

The method is based on the sequential processing of a test sample with solutions of acid and alkali, washing, drying, ashing and quantitative determination of the organic residue by the weight method. Crude fiber content is expressed as mass fraction in % or in grams per 1 kg of dry substance. AKV-6 system allows the simultaneous analysis of six samples.

It is recommended to install the apparatus inside exhaust hood, it is recommended to work with protective gloves and glasses, since acid and alkali are used for the analysis.

AKV-6 semi-automatic crude fiber analyzer


  • The accuracy of fiber weighting in samples with fiber content up to 10%: at least 0.4%.
  • The accuracy of fiber weighting in samples with a fiber content of more than 10%: at least 4%.
  • The number of samples analyzed simultaneously: 6 pcs.
  • Recommended analysis time: up to 100 minutes, accelerated methods are provided for some products in accordance with the standards (time for analysis of 6 samples is indicated).
  • Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz.
  • Electric power: 2,800 W
  • Overall dimensions: 670x450x670 mm.
  • Weight: 30 kg.

The AKV-6 system is highly flexible in setting and operation, it allows to carry out measurements not only according to the applied method, but to automate crude fiber weighting in accordance with all applicable standards for various food and animal feed products.

Using the system of fiber weighting, the operator performs the following operations:

  • to heat acid.
  • to heat alkali.
  • to heat distilled water.
  • to boil samples in acid.
  • to boil samples in alkali.
  • to rinse samples with distilled water.
  • to rinse samples with alcohol or acetone.
  • to filter samples.

In addition to the AKV-6 system, the following equipment is required for analysis of fiber content (you can also purchase it in our company or use one already in the laboratory):

  • Hot air oven with a temperature of at least +160 °C.
  • Compact muffle furnaces with a maximum temperature of +1,100 °C.
  • Laboratory balances with an accuracy of max. ±0.0001 g.
  • Sample grinder (laboratory mill).

To weigh fiber in accordance with the current standards, you may need the following additional equipment:

  • Laboratory balance with permissible absolute accuracy of a single weighing ±0.0001 g. We recommend the use of an Ohaus PA114C analytical balance.
  • Laboratory balance with a permissible absolute error of a single weighing of ±0.01 g. We recommend using an Ohaus STX222 laboratory balance.
  • An electric hot air oven with a temperature range in the working chamber from 0°C to +160 °C and a basic accuracy of temperature control of ±2 °C, we recommend the use of Digisystem DSO laboratory hot air ovens.
  • An electric muffle furnace that maintains the temperature inside the furnace from 0°C to +550 °C and a basic accuracy of temperature control ±20 °C, we recommend using the Thermconcept KLS 10/11 laboratory muffle furnace.