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Vilitek ASV-6M semi-automatic Soxhlet apparatus

Vilitek ASV-6M semi-automatic Soxhlet apparatusVilitek ASV-6M apparatus for fat content analysis and extraction by the Soxhlet method is a classic device which use is required by current standards. At the same time, the device can significantly reduce the time spent on analysis due to the possibility of processing 6 samples simultaneously by the main method and up to 60 or more samples simultaneously by the updated method. The device provides extraction and distillation operations.

The main difference between Vilitek ASV-6M Soxhlet apparatus and the equipment of other companies and the Vilitek ASV-6 extraction apparatus is the use of a standard extraction method with periodic flushing of the sample with a distilled solvent and the absence of a boiling stage of the sample in solvent. The classic Soxhlet extractor circuit used in the ASV-6M apparatus provides automatic periodic filling of the extractor where a sample is placed with a distilled solvent and subsequent discharge of the extract into the extraction flask. The extraction flasks are heated in accordance with current standards in unstirred water bath.

Note that despite the fact that Vilitek ASV-6M apparatus is called semi-automatic, there are no completely automated devices which use is advisable in terms of obtaining documented results on the market. The ASV-6M apparatus is not functionally the measuring instrument, it does not need to be verified. Laboratory balance (to be purchased separately, or use the balance available in the laboratory) is used in the cycle for fat content analysis by means of Vilitek ASV-6M apparatus.

Vilitek ASV-6M apparatus The Vilitek ASV-6M apparatus is used in laboratories of regulatory authorities, analytical laboratories, food industry enterprises, feed mills, and in the field of environmental protection; it may be used for fat analysis in food, feed, fuel, can also be used to isolate or analyse soluble organic compounds in medicines, soil, dirt, detergents. The device is also used for the extraction of medium-volatile organic compounds, for example, pesticides and herbicides; plasticizer extraction from plastics; paper rosin extraction; extraction of fat from the skin, preliminary preparation of solid samples for gas chromatography (GC) or liquid chromatography (LC).


  • Range of fat content analysis in foods: 0.5-60 %.
  • Number of simultaneously processed samples: 6 pcs.
  • Sample weight: 0.5-15 g.
  • Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz.
  • Heating power: 1,000 watts.
  • Heating temperature range: from room temperature to +100 ℃.
  • Glass extractor Extraction flask with extractor


    Extraction flask with extractor

  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1%
  • Completeness of solvent regeneration: more than 80%.
  • Typical relative measurement error.
  • Accuracy of measurement of fat parts weight in food: 1%.
  • Overall dimensions (LxHxD): 760×680×230 mm.
  • Weight: 25 kg.

Vilitek ASV-6M apparatus is easy to operate, supplied with detailed instructions, when working the methods and description in the standards are used. If necessary, you can additionally order training services for working with Vilitek ASV-6M apparatus.

To perform the Soxhlet fat analysis in accordance with current standards, following additional equipment may be needed:

  • General-purpose laboratory balance of 2nd accuracy class, maximum weighing limit of 200 g, permissible weighing error of ±0.0001 g; we recommend using an Ohaus PA214C analytical balance.
  • Laboratory hot air oven; we recommend using the Digisystem DSO laboratory hot air oven.