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Manual titration system based at TUR-1 magnetic stirrer

Manual titration system TUR-1

TUR-1 manual titration system based at magnetic stirrer

Manual titration system TUR-1 is designed to carry out the titration analysis, namely it is used at the final stage of protein and nitrogen analysis by Kjeldahl method.

For titration, the burette is filled with a working solution (titrant), which is fed in portions into the test solution, mixed with a magnetic stirrer. The amount of titrant can be adjusted by opening and closing the burette valve. The titration endpoint is determined by indicators or physicochemical methods. The amount of working solution for titration determines the mass of the solute contained in one millilitre of the test substance.

The manual titration system is equipped with DSMS-100 magnetic stirrer for laboratory applications made by Digisystem (Taiwan), the stirrer is designed for long-term intensive operation. Mixing is carried out by rotating the stir bar inside container with a stirred liquid by the rotating magnetic field. The stir bar is covered with a strong shell of polytetrafluoroethylene — one of the most chemically resistant materials in the world. The stirrer is designed in such a way that the intensity of the magnetic field is maximum only in the area of the stir bar, at a distance of a few centimetres, stirrer magnetic field is practically not registered, so almost any, even sensitive, analytical devices can be placed in close proximity to DSMS-100 stirrer.


Power, W


Stir bar rotating speed, rpm

150 – 1500

Electrical line voltage, V


Supply voltage, Hz


Burette calibration mark area, ml

0 – 25

Scope of supply



DSMS-100 magnetic stirrer, pcs


Arm, pcs


Burette, pcs


Metal rod, pcs


User manual, pcs