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Vilitek ASV-6 semi-automatic Soxhlet apparatus

Principle of the apparatus operation is based on the most advanced technology for fat content analysis by the updated Soxhlet-Randall method, followed by weighing the extracted fat or fat-free sample. The analyzer's advantages include high performance, smart design, simple operation, high accuracy, saving of time and effort of laboratory personnel.

The apparatus consists of heating extractive unit, solvent recirculation device and cooling system. For quick and high-quality analysis, the user can choose the optimal temperature, depending on the difference between reagent boiling point and external temperature; the sample is extracted several times to achieve an accurate result.

Vilitek ASV-6 semi-automatic Soxhlet apparatus


VILITEK ASV-6 fat analyzer is widely used in laboratories of regulatory authorities, analytical laboratories, feed mills, food industry enterprises, and in the field of environmental protection; it is ideal for analyzing fat samples in foods, animal feed, fuels, and can also be used to isolate or determine soluble organic compounds in medicines, soil, dirt, detergents, etc.

Vilitek experts recommend using the VILITEK ASV-6 apparatus in cases where you need a simple and economically viable solution to measure fat content. ASV-6 apparatus allows to extract fat faster than devices operating according to the classic Soxhlet principle, in cases where the use of the classical (strictly according to the standard) Soxhlet method is required, we recommend using the ASV-6M Soxhlet fat analyzer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Equipped with a cooling system and temperature control.
  • To speed up the analysis, the optimum temperature is selected taking into account the difference between the boiling point of the reagent and the ambient temperature.
  • Up to six samples can be analyzed at a time.
  • The sample is extracted several times to achieve a quick and accurate result.
  • Solvent collection system ensures user and environmental safety.
  • The entire analysis process takes place without the release of any pollutants.
  • Fast heating to the desired temperature.
  • Precise digital temperature control.

Since volatile solvents are used for the analysis, it is recommended to install the apparatus in exhaust hood. To significantly increase the analysis performance, the method of weighing the fat-free sample can be used (the mass of extracted fat is standardly measured). When weighing the fat-free sample, it is possible to handle 30-40 samples per hour on ASV-6 apparatus.

To carry out het Soxhlet or Randall fat analysis in accordance with current standards, you may need the following additional equipment:

  • General-purpose laboratory balance of 2nd accuracy class, maximum weighing limit of 200 g, permissible weighing error of ±0.001; we recommend Ohaus PA214C analytical balance.
  • Laboratory hot air oven; we recommend Digisystem DSO laboratory hot air oven.
  • Unstirred water bath; we recommend using the Digisystem WB-500D laboratory unstirred water bath.




Measurement range

0.5-60 %

Quantity in a batch

6 samples in a batch

Sample weight

0.5-15 g (usually 2-5 g, depending on a sample)

Heating temperature

from +5 to +100 ⁰С

Temperature accuracy


Solvent yield


Recovery rate

relative accuracy 1%

Power supply

220 V, 50 Hz

Heating unit capacity

1,000 W

Overall dimensions

670х250х600 mm

Analyzer weight

23 kg